Events at Intercon S

Adrift on the Starry Sky — Larp

by Jeff Diewald, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan, and Gaylord Tang

A military coup has taken control of The United Earth Concord, the government for the Earth and the few thousands on outposts and stations elsewhere in the Solar System. Those of you onboard the Alexandria are declared enemies of the planet, some more by accident and circumstance than design. Less than fully prepared, with a limited company and tight resources, you must flee on a barely faster-than-light life raft across space, to find a suitable planet to create a new Earth.
Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma is set at the first meeting of a public group therapy session. All of the characters are adults who, as children, were involved in fantastic adventures taken from popular movies. They may have been chased by dinosaurs, or been kidnapped by a goblin king, or jumped into chalk paintings, or could see dead people … for example.

Aes Sidhe — Larp

by Michael Oldziej, Dawn Daigneault

In the Modern Era, the Faire Folk of Ireland gather at the Standing Stones for a historical meeting of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to talk about one thing: How to survive in these new and changing times
Learn a little bit about how to run LARPs that are friendly for LARPers who are shomer/et Shabbat (keep the Sabbath) and shomer/et kashrut (keep kosher).

Art & Artifice — Larp

by Merav Hoffman

Stage magicians are a highly competitive and incestuous lot. Can you make it to the top and get your act noticed, or are you doomed to tragic failure and a life without magic?

Set in London, in 1911, this game focuses on theatrical intrigue, personal relationships, and what happens when you trust someone enough to share your secrets.

As We Know It — Larp

by Alex Carlson

The world has ended, but you’ve survived. You’re in hiding, but every second brings the alien invaders closer to your door. Your phone buzzes. You have a text. Another survivor? Or a trap? Who can you trust when it’s only words on a screen?

Athena's Chosen — Larp

by Susanne Vejdemo and Anna-Karin Linder

This night, in the temple’s inner sanctum, you will walk with gods. Athena will inspire and test you; Dionysus tempt you. Will you have the faith to reject family, love and desire to gain the power of a Virgin Priestess? Or fall and leave with the wild maenads? Or flee back to your father’s house?

Baron's Gambit — Larp

by Ceridwen Pietras and Kylene Roberts

Something is rotten in the kingdom of Cascadon. Representatives of the 9 baronies must find a resolution to the kingdom's pressing political and social issues - and probably assassinate someone.

Be Your Best Keanu — Larp

by Elizabeth Stong and Ron Blechner

Be Your Best Keanu - it's the title and the mantra! All players play a Keanu. You all will make a hilarious / awesome movie together. Lighthearted fun and little-to-no preparation required except your love/hate of Keanu.

Better Living Through Robotics — Larp

by Elizabeth Fein, Eva Schiffer, Jaime Frey, Kathleen De Smet, and Keith A Darron

A retro-futuristic take on a post-apocalyptic world with subservient robots. This game is a mechanics-light, theater-style LARP that focuses on roleplaying and interpersonal drama. Like all utopias, it is not as cheery and light as it seems.

Black Legacy — Larp

by Alex Helm

The Holy Inquisition is the Imperium's most secretive yet powerful organisation. A conclave has been called to pronounce judgement on a former inquisitor turned arch-heretic. It is rare that inquisitors gather in such a way, but how deep does the heretic's web of corruption go...? This is a game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The Borden Legacy — Larp

by Nickey Barnard, Philippa Dall, Dave Dorward, Clare Gardener

Three hundred years ago the Great Old Ones took the world. All praise to Them. It is now 1892, and in a small New England town, citizens are far more concerned with who murdered local businessman Andrew Borden and his wife than with existential concerns of Gods walking among them. Come to the reading of Andrew's will and discover what will ultimately prove the stronger - family, blood or loyalty?

The Bottom of the Garden — Larp

by Ben Llewellyn

Fairyland has seen happier times, but now it's a place of misery. Can you find a way to rally the butterflies and spread joy again? It'll be an adventure!

Bound in Blood — Larp

by John Cooke, Megan Coppock

The war has raged for close to a decade, and its end is near. The enemy, who has been labeled the Tyrant by the Celestial Churches and the City States, is close to total victory. A desperate last gasp pits the remnants of the world’s heroes against time and a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Breakthru! Coming of Age in a Superverse — Larp

by Stephen Tihor

Superpowers are real. Your power breakthrough was not pleasant. You are still trying to cope with being powered and with what happened when your powers first appeared. You found a place for people like you to chill and talk to each other. This is that story.


by Brady Tatro and Rachel Nations

Greetings, Debtors™! You've been fortunate enough to be offered a spot on Everyone's Favorite Game Show™, CASH CASTLE!!™! You will need to overcome physical challenges as well as the machinations of other contestants to clear your debts and maybe even purge that pesky Criminal Record™.

CASH CASTLE!!™ is a 4-hour comedic dystopian game show boffer larp with a simple, numbers-free combat sysyem designed to be accessible to players with zero boffer experience.

Cirque Du Fey — Larp

by Anandi Gandolfi, Mel MacDonald

For one night only, come and celebrate with the nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire at a pre- performance soiree of the two most magical circuses in all of Europe!

Contempt Culture in Larp Communities — Moderated discussion

Contempt culture is a culture in which publicly looking down on people who make different choices confers social capital. It happens in many larp communities, including Intercon. Let’s talk about it and try to figure out ways to do better and change the culture.

Dance of the Dragons — Larp

by Alison Joy Schafer & Brian Richburg

The realm of Westeros shakes as the Targaryen King dies, the long peace ripped apart by a clash of Queens. He leaves behind an unprecedented female heir, a castle filled with questions, and a family torn apart by intrigue. As word of the old King’s death spreads at court, pleasantries turn into whispered negotiations, negotiations turn into conspiracies, and conspiracies turn into civil war.

It is a war of green and black roses, being fought with marriage pacts and betrayals, ravens and swords, fire and blood. The dance begins in shadows and courtyards with bribes, whispers, and poison as would-be kings stake their claims. If diplomacy should fail, will it take to the skies, to be decided by dragonfire?

Dance of the Dragons blends plots from George R. R. Martin’s short stories of the Targaryen civil war with additional plots taken from England’s War of the Roses - part of the historical inspiration for the Game of Thrones series.

Doomwatcher: A Superhero LARP — Larp

by Jeremiah Spaulding

The Disaster Alert System is calling all heroes in Challenger City! There may finally be a way to take down the arch-villain Doomwatcher, once and for all! But some heroes may not be willing to pay the dreadful price required.
The Intercon community has changed and grown over the years. Sometimes the games we wrote, played, and loved in the past have elements that are considered hurtful now. How can we keep the good parts, acknowledge the past hurt, and prevent future harm?

Drink Me — Larp

by Betsy Isaacson

A dark tale of Victorian weirdness. Three eccentric English travelers meet in the caves of Adullum, each risking madness, death and revelation in order to attain their hearts' desires.

Dungeon Owner's Association — Larp

by Morgan Rippke, Sky Rippke, Jess Pestlin, Robert Peck, Doug Freedman and Elisa Ford

Welcome to the Faith Hollow Dungeon Owner’s Association! Under the leadership of our benevolent overlord Fromath the Fiery, we all work hard together to create the kind of adventuring party-killing community we can all be proud of. All representatives of the denizens of our beloved dungeon are required to attend and discuss our concerns and suggestions for improving our dungeon home.

Emergence in Larp — Presentation

The structured chaos of larp is difficult to parse, especially when such unpredictability is precisely the point. In this talk, Evan Torner discusses how emergence works as an aesthetic principle in larp, and suggests a rubric for how to understand our incredibly complicated larp experiences in retrospect.

Evil Magic Academy Faculty Breakfast — Larp

by Stephen Tihor, the Players!

A lighthearted morning of Evil, Food, and LARPing. Enjoy a catered breakfast while getting your larp on as faculty, staff, or students at a Magical School, which is anything but a nest of do-gooders.

Fade to Black: A Game of Fears — Larp

by Kathy Amende

In The Chamber, with the others, you are immortal; but, what happens when you step into The Void? Fade To Black is an existential exploration of the meaning of life, love, and family in a place without privacy. It is a consent-based psychological larp.

Faustian Speed Dating — Larp

by Rain (formerly Joseph) Wiegartner

Sorcerers-mortals who have been hurt by the world and seek to change it through infernal means Demons-beings of great power and greater cruelty Together, they can form Pacts that can change the world, but also spell doom for one's eternal soul...

So let's get together tonight through the best way to meet people: Speed Dating!

Fugue Estate — Larp

by Lacey Trepanier

Martin was always coming up with clever and entertaining ways to celebrate his birthday. Honestly, you look forward to it every year. You'll have to remember to thank Martin for going to such extremes this time, because this will truly be a night to remember.

Hack'n'Slash — Larp

by Meghan Hardiman, Amanda Jones, Vin Spadafora, Jada Taylor, Andrew Wood, Eric Worthen

Hack'n'Slash is a boffer LARP based on arcade dungeon-crawlers. Treasure, Fame, and Death awaits you, in the Tomb of Morlock the Grotesque!

Here Is My Power Button — Larp

by Brodie Atwater

Here Is My Power Button is an intimate near-future American Freeform game about relationships, identity, and power for players age 18 and up. It features an asymmetrical play experience about humans interacting with artificial intelligence.

Hope Springs Eternal — Larp

by Nickey Barnard, Sue Jolly, Helen Jones, Tym Norris and Traci Whitehead

It is 1952 and Hope Brothers, Brighton's premier Department Store, is celebrating its 100th year! To mark the event, an extra special Staff Christmas Party is being held in the brand new Daisy Fresh Milk Bar, and the prize for Employee of the Year is a fabulous world cruise! Rumours abound of new developments and old feuds. Is the store expanding or on the verge of financial ruin?

The store has closed its doors for the Christmas break, and the party is about to begin...

Ill Met by Neon Light — Larp

by Ace Tayloe, Kate Zdepski

The Midnight Star diner is an easy stop off the highway between lives. Tonight, anyone could come through: humans or fair folk or ghosts or others altogether. Someone needs an inspiration; someone needs to find forgiveness; someone needs to fill a quota. Everyone needs a cup of coffee.

The Intrepid Seven — Larp

by Jacqueline Bryk and Evan Torner

Seven survivors of a crashed colony ship scavenge the wreckage to build their new society. Fortunately, they have the help of their new spouses: each other.

Iron GM Games - 10 am run — Larp

by Various TBD authors

Come experience the fun of the Iron Gm games! The games in this run will be written as part of the Iron GM game writing competition several weeks before the con. You as a player help to determine the winner of the competition and get to play a brand new larp written around a genre, theme, element and a prop that was given to the writers at the start of the writing period. If you're interest in signing up for the writing challenge itself, see the link in the long description for more information.

Iron GM Games - 12:30 pm run — Larp

by Various TBD authors

Come experience the fun of the Iron Gm games! The games in this run will be written as part of the Iron GM game writing competition several weeks before the con. You as a player help to determine the winner of the competition and get to play a brand new larp written around a genre, theme, element and a prop that was given to the writers at the start of the writing period. If you're interest in signing up for the writing challenge itself, see the link in the long description for more information.

It's Everybody's War — Larp

by Michela Aschan, Natalie Curd, Kevin Jacklin, Heidi Kaye, Sue Lee, Alison Rider-Hill,

September 1940, the village hall in Cropstone, Leicestershire. In the midst of the Blitz, England endures. The Ministry of Information Film Unit have sent a cast and crew to the heart of the countryside to make a wartime propaganda movie to keep up people’s spirits on the home front. Even in this quiet corner of England, we are all very much aware that no one is untouched by the current crisis, because It’s Everybody’s War.

Kingsword — Larp

by Alison Joy Schafer & Brian Richburg

Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king -Thomas Malory

King Arthur's peace is crumbling and it has been whispered that the fated Kingsword has once again returned to the stone. With Britain's unity in jeopardy, the kingdoms of Cornwall, Dyfed, and Lothian are each vying for supremacy over the failing Camelot. Dragons and the Questing Beast roam the lands, the Saxons and Picts are relentless, and Avalon and what is left of the old ways have all but disappeared into the mist. The Irish King has invited all to a great tourney in Ireland. As the feast gets underway and blades are sharpened, the real question remains - whose destiny is it to draw that sword from the stone once more?

Magpie — Larp

by Hilary Umbreit

Magpie is set in a small, isolated community that is haunted by a monster: the Magpie, who comes every ten years to claim his due tribute. During the intervening decade, it is easy to forget about his price. But now time is up. In approximately two days' time, the Magpie will come. You cannot stop him. All you can do is figure out how you want to spend these last few days, grapple with the question of who should be offered, and find a way to live with the repercussions...

Inspired by The Mountain Goats' Magpie

Night Forest — Larp

by Ross Cowan and Mo Golden

We are Memories, wandering the Night Forest. Together, we will slowly explore the interplay of histories and present experiences, weaving a beautiful web before we finally fade back into the night from which we emerged. This is a meditative game of creation, sharing and listening.

The Omega Expedition — Larp

by Brian Williams

It was meant to be a simple scientific expedition to Antarctica. Then something went wrong, the storm came in and you had to hunker down. Now the storm has cleared and you need to summon your rescuers. But something happened during the blizzard...

One Flew Over the Cloud-Cuckoo's Nest — Larp

by Rachel Simon

The idyllic realm of Cloud-Cuckoo Land has been deserted, and the ersatz caretakers are searching for permanent custodians! Meet at the Navel of the World to plead your case and ensure that the right people take control of this hot piece of metaphysical real estate!

Ops — Volunteer event

Volunteering for Ops shifts is a valuable use of your time and effort. To volunteer, click on the time slot(s) for which you want to volunteer.

Package Deal — Larp

by Eric Wirtanen

Join Dutch and company as they track down an elusive Level 5 warrant in this Killjoys AU Boffer one-shot. Package Deal will be drawing characters from the Killjoys universe and using some set pieces from it, but will be set in an alternate universe so that it does not need to fit within a specific continuity and can draw those characters from different points in the series. That being said, there will likely be spoilers if you have not watched it and intend to. For those unfamiliar with Killjoys, it is a science fiction setting focusing on a group of bounty hunters. It is also a world where the Company runs everything, dangerous science experiments abound, and The Green (a alien substance that has a lot of mysteries to it) is expanding.

A Place Where Dragons Dream — Larp

by Zovi McEntee

A Place Where Dragons Dream is a rules-light roleplay-and-improv-heavy all-dragon LARP for seven players in a world where dragons live amongst themselves and dreams are merely a legend. Players will be asked to remove their humanity and insert themselves into mythical beings faced with challenges to their perceptions and souls.

This game requires some degree of impromptu improvisation. Most characters will have romantic relationships (only PG). Some characters will be involved in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Here Be Dragons Dreaming.

Pod Dancing — Larp

by Kate Fractal, Sharone Horowit-Hendler, Alon Levy

In the age-of-steam city of Harborview, finding members of the other three sexes for a marriage is challenging for young Traves. In the past, marriageable Traves would get to know one another at Pod Dances. Today, most Traves find pods their own way, but for others, the Pod Dances remain.

Polyamorous Romance in LARP — Moderated discussion

A discussion of ways to include polyamorous romance in LARPs with pre-written characters in ways that are open-minded and able to create satisfying romance plotlines.

Project Ouroboros & The Roots of Yggdrasil — Larp

by Lily Benderskaya, Nat Budin, Kate Fractal, Tory Root, and Susan Weiner

Project Ouroboros and The Roots of Yggdrasil are separate games that will weave together, with each game affecting the other. Players will be playing one of the two games, but will receive information from the other game, and may even enter the other game in limited ways. Together these very different worlds will join to understand their circumstances and seek solutions.

Pub Crawl — Larp

by Nat Budin, Tegan Kehoe, Phoebe Roberts, Vito D'Agosta, and Susan Weiner

Pub Crawl will follow a shifting group of characters as they travel from bar to bar. All players will take the roles of multiple characters over the course of the game. At each bar transition, some characters will leave the focal group and others will join. Each new bar brings different faces and a new backdrop for the issues the city is facing.
Who has the power to decide what history is memorialized in public art? In this freeform larp told in three acts, you'll play a townsperson, a city council member, and a member of the media in the fictional town of Freedburgh as you wrestle with what to do when new information about its (fictional) founder changes his reputation. When a historical figure is a hero to some and a villain to others, how should they be remembered?

Rabbit Run — Larp

by Albert Lin and Zoe Eddy

In a desperate bid, the Rabbits have infiltrated the PryMor base for one last fight against the apocalyptic twilight of the human race against the Machines.

The Scapegoat Rite — Larp

by Robby Howell

Members of an isolated Abbey must choose one among their number to exile.

Second Annual Mad Science Awards — Larp

by Brandon Brylawski, John Kammer, Jess Pestlin, Laurie Rich, Hakan Seyalioglu, Susan Weiner

Mwahaha! The Mad Scientist of the Year Award will soon be yours! You have hatched a brilliant plan to claim it for yourself! Just as soon as you get back into your original body… A lighthearted game about mad scientists, body swapping and over the top scheming.

Shadows Over Falkonia — Larp

by AJ Smith & Tony Mitton

And still they came ... A handful of years after the failed Martian invasion of Earth, a disparate group (including local aristocracy, military, scientific researchers and even a notorious "monster hunter") finds itself trapped in a remote toll-house, in a backwoods province of the ailing Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Ship of Fools — Larp

by Ryan A. T. Hart

In the Year of our Lady, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Six, four knights and two clerics set forth, armed with steel and steam, to the Eurley Coast. Sent by the Queen and sworn to secrecy, it was the hope of their Captain to enter the small hamlet of Weyland under the cover of night, quietly conduct their investigation, and leave before any knew they were there.

Such things rarely go as planned.

Ship of Fools is a Tudor-Punk, facilitated-narrative LARP about the tragedy of modernity

Should You Need Us — Larp

by Amber Robitaille & Fox Bolton

The dying Goblin King must transfer rulership to an heir, and at tonight’s masquerade this will happen! But who is who, and what other Wishes dwell in their hearts? What happens when the clock strikes thirteen, and the masks fall away? Say your right words- they have Power here.

Sidekicks vs. Henchmen — Larp

by John Kammer

Sidekicks vs. Henchmen is a campy, comedic game of cartoon violence and improv inspired by the 1960's television classic Batman and the movie Mystery Men. Embrace your super-secret heroic and/or corrupt alter-egos as you battle for control of Megaville.

Sound & Fury: Lament — Larp

by Larisa Allen & Thomas Hansen

A coven of music-fueled magicians meets following the unexpected death of their leader. Where do loyalties lie, and what revealed secrets will affect alliances? S&F:L uses a version of the Accelerant boffer system for combat resolution.

Stop That Moon! — Larp

by Tucker Le, John Benfield

Stop That Moon! uses the Accelerant combat system. Players will undergo live-action battles (foam weapons and nerf guns) and solve puzzles while juggling romance and interpersonal drama on their quest. Puzzles will take the form of: pattern replication, and jigsaw.

Strangers — Larp

by Nina Runa Essendrop; Run by: Cameron Betts

Strangers is a non-combat blackbox LARP about immigration and refugees, where players explore the emotional experience of refugees and the people who they now must to live among. A before-play 2-hour workshop will develop character and culture.

Tartarus — Larp

by Thomas Wohlers


Far below the surface, your team was mining rare ore. But then something went wrong, and now one of you is dead, three of you have lost their memories, and none of you knows who to trust anymore. And you have less than three hours of air.

They-Ro and the Rulers of Perpetua! — Larp

by Sara Nagle, Santo Sengupta, Ted Marr

Come join They-Ro, Slam-Man, Head-Cannon, The Enchantrix, and friends as they embark on a multi-episode adventure to reclaim the Crystal Crown for King Rando and Queen Mel, the rightful Rulers Of Perpetuaaa-a-a-a!

Thicker than Water — Larp

by Alison Joy Schafer & Kristen Patten

She craved the type of passion that even brought the devil down to his knees.

The year is 1929. As Valentine’s Day gives way to night, an uneasy crowd fills the jazz joints and speakeasies of Chicago. Seven bootleggers lie dead, casualties of a never-ending war for control of the Windy City. Between the north side and the south side lies the Afterlife, an up-and-coming secret speakeasy where sinners gather to chase away their demons — and where some say that the blood in the streets attracts a darker and more dangerous clientele. The Afterlife is full to the gills with jazz and liquor, crime and sex, and peopled by pocket politicians, dirty cops, mobsters, as well as monsters of a different sort...In a city torn apart, how long will family ties hold?

The Trial of Lancelot — Larp

by Warren Tusk, in consultation with Sarah Judd

For years Camelot has been falling into darkness. Now its greatest champion, in his passion, has committed a great crime against his king and against chivalry itself. Arthur and his knights must convene to decide what will be done -- and what will become of their shared dream.

A Turn on the Radiance Rose — Larp

by Doug Freedman, Sue Lee, Kristen Pierson, Eva Schiffer, Steve Vig

You are cordially invited to a Seance held by Rudolpho the Great and Powerful and the Famed Spiritualist Eleanor Van Klief. The Gates Between the Worlds will open in the Radiance Rose Pullman dining car of the Union Pacific train, New York to Chicago at 7pm sharp. Boarding is at Grand Central disembark at Union Station.

Variables — Larp

by Meghan Hardiman, Amanda Jones, Vin Spadafora, Jada Taylor, Andrew Wood, Eric Worthen

The Colony Ship "Dorado" is hurtling towards a black hole after experiencing system glitches during its hybernation phase. You are a group of artificial intelligences and human crew tasked with saving the ship and thousands of lives.

A Veil Before My Eyes — Larp

by Kristen Hendricks

It has been two thousand years since the Lord's daughter was slain, and He withdrew His hand from the Earth. But now, as the world trembles on the brink of global war, it may be that miracles have returned...

White Death — Larp

by Simon Steen Hansen and Nina Runa Essendrop

A group of pioneers once set out for the mountains with the aim of creating a new society, bringing only absolute necessities, as well as their hopes and dreams. They had the best intentions but couldn’t succeed. Life in the mountains was too hard; too demanding. They had traveled too far, and couldn’t find their way back. One by one, the snow embraced them, giving them silence, peace and rest. Tranquility and light.

Who Killed High Hat? — Larp

by Brendan Adkins, Diane Glewwe, James Silverstein, Gaylord Tang, and Steve Vig

Who Killed High Hat? is a contemporaneously set, darkly humorous game about horrible people possibly losing everything and probably learning nothing. While drinking heavily. No magic or supernatural elements, just terrible people acting awfully towards one another. While drinking heavily.