Staff and GM Bios

Intercon can only happen because of all of the work done by many, many people. The people listed here are the Con Staff, GMs, and Volunteers who make Intercon happen!

Intercon Staff

Chad Bergeron's Icon
Chad Bergeron
  • Treasurer, Registrar, Con Com
No bio provided

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Nuance Bryant
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Nat Budin
  • Website Team, Forum@Intercon Coordinators, Con Com
Nat has been attending Intercon since Intercon C in 2003, and has served as con chair of Intercons P and I. He also founded Brandeis's Festival of the LARPs and co-founded Alleged Entertainment, with which he has written and run over a dozen games. More recently, he's produced several larps with Occultopus Productions in the Seattle area. Despite the seriousness of this bio, Nat is actually quite silly and loves you very much.

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Quinn D
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
Quinn has been playing larps since 2004, written a handful of games, run many, and started volunteering time to help run the convention in 2011.

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Jeff Diewald
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence
  • Vendor Liaison, Con Com
Jen has been LARPing since 1993 and has been coming to Intercon since D. She starting working on the Concom as an assistant to the Vendor Liaison at E and has been the Vendor Liaison herself since Intercon F. Jen has been serving on the NEIL board for a few years now and even was brave enough to be ConChair for last year's Rock 'n' Romance.

Jaelen Hartwin's Icon
Jaelen Hartwin
  • Operations Coordinator, Con Com
Jaelen has been to every New England Intercon since Intercon C, and has at various times been Con Chair, GM Liaison, Ops Chair, Hotel Liaison, and Safety Coordinator.

David Kapell's Icon
David Kapell
  • Con Chair, Con Com

Dave has been larping since 1999, in both theatre and boffer (Realms, and then Accelerant). He's written a handful of theatre-style games, and run a handful of boffer events, as well some that are on the border between the two worlds. These include Multiplied Loyalties (Intercon D), Sam and Max hit the Afterlife (Intercon H, K), Blackout (Intercon J), and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Intercon P)

Dave joined Intercon's Bidcom for Intercon E, served as Ops Head for J, was Con Chair for K and O, and Hotel Liaison for L,M,N,P,Q and R. In addition, he created NELCO, NEIL's writing retreat for larp authors and participants, ran it the first two years, and has helped run it since. Dave has been on or advising the NEIL board since 2009 and has a particular interest in safe community building.

Philip Kelley's Icon
Philip Kelley
  • Game Proposals Chair, Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

Sue L.'s Icon
Sue L.
  • GM for: It's Everybody's War
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

Caroline Murphy's Icon
Caroline Murphy
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Brian Richburg
  • GM for: Dance of the Dragons
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Adina Schreiber
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com

NEIL board member, Game Wrap editor, Proposal Com member, raffle coordinator, NELCO helper-outer. LARP blogger. Boffer and theater enthusiast, costume diva, enthusiastic crafter of costuming, props, and set dressing. Accelerant fangirl. Poison/fairy type Pokémon.

LARP magis LARP optimum.

Kim "redfishie" Sward
  • GM for: Iron GM Games - 12pm run, Iron GM Games - 10 am run
  • GM Coordinator, Iron GM Coordinator, Con Com

Kim first started larping while a student at RPI. They have participated in many forms of larp since then, and are active in several boffer campaigns in the greater New England area. Kim enjoys playing mischief makers, foxes, and pirates. Larps with singing are a definite plus.

Kim Sward has been coming to Intercon since roughly Intercon H or so. They joined the Game Proposal Committee for Intercon L, and went on to serve as the Game Proposal Chair for 4 years, for Intercon M-P. In 2016, Kim became the Con Chair for Intercon Q, Intercon Quixotic, which was held in February 2017. They also became a member of the NEIL Board, the governing body that oversees Intercon, NELCO, etc. that same year. As part of their roles, Kim has worked with the NEIL Board President and the Safety Chair for Intercon R to create additional safety documentation for the convention.

Kim is currently involved with volunteering for the Living Games Conference, which is coming to the greater Boston area in May of 2018.

Kim is helping to run the Iron GM competition at Intercon S. This is their third year in that position. Kim has also been the GM Coordinator for Intercon R & S, contacting GMs for games after they are accepted to give details and coordinate prior to the convention.

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Barry Tannenbaum
  • Website Team, Con Com
No bio provided

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Michelle Teixeira
  • Attendee Coordinator, Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Evan Torner
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Mark Waks
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

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Thomas Wohlers
  • Proposal Committee, Con Com
No bio provided

Game GMs

Larisa Allen's Icon
Larisa Allen
  • GM for: Sound & Fury: Lament
No bio provided

John Cooke's Icon
John Cooke
  • GM for: Bound in Blood
No bio provided

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Ryan Hart
  • GM for: Ship of Fools
No bio provided

Alex "The Inquisitor" Helm
  • GM for: Black Legacy

One of the Brits, although I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I have been designing, writing and running games for about 20 years now! I'm mostly known for my complete obsession with all things Warhammer 40k. Just call me 'Inquisitor'!

This is my first ever visit to Intercon. I've decided to run 'Black Legacy', a 40k game that I think is the best game I have ever written. It has run twice in the UK, and I can't wait to see what folks on your side of the Pond think of it. :)

Kristen Hendricks's Icon
Kristen Hendricks
  • GM for: A Veil Before My Eyes
No bio provided

John Kammer's Icon
John Kammer
  • GM for: Sidekicks vs. Henchmen
No bio provided

Tucker Le's Icon
Tucker Le
  • GM for: Stop That Moon!
No bio provided

Albert Lin's Icon
Albert Lin
  • GM for: Rabbit Run
No bio provided

Rachel Nations's Icon
Rachel Nations
  • GM for: CASH CASTLE!!™
here to hit things, feel feelings, and live my dystopian fanfic dreams

Amber Robitaille's Icon
Amber Robitaille
  • GM for: Should You Need Us
No bio provided

Alison Joy Schafer's Icon
Alison Joy Schafer
  • GM for: Dance of the Dragons
No bio provided

Stephen Tihor's Icon
Stephen Tihor
  • GM for: Evil Magic Academy Faculty Breakfast, Vue to a Kill: the Revue
No bio provided

Hilary Umbreit's Icon
Hilary Umbreit
  • GM for: Magpie
No bio provided

Will Wagner's Icon
Will Wagner
  • GM for: Traveler in the Dark
No bio provided

Brian Williams's Icon
Brian Williams
  • GM for: The Omega Expedition
No bio provided

Mike Young's Icon
Mike Young
  • GM for: Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma
No bio provided


Cameron Betts's Icon
Cameron Betts
  • Con Com

Cameron has been running games at Intercon since the last century, and his preferences lean toward very few mechanics and just a smidge of lightheartedness. He believes that the most powerful thing in LARP is a connection with another character, and he hopes to produce games that will produce and enhance those connections, and that will avoid overshadowing or disrupting them.

Cameron was NELCO Chair in 2014 and 2017, has served several years on the NEIL Board and is President of the NEIL Board for 2018-19.

Stephanie Davis's Icon
Stephanie Davis
  • Con Com
No bio provided

Susan Giusto's Icon
Susan Giusto
  • Con Com
No bio provided

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Taylor Hartwin
  • Con Com
No bio provided

Diana Hsu's Icon
Diana Hsu
  • Con Com
No bio provided

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Anita Szostak
  • Con Com
No bio provided