Propose an Event for Intercon S

Intercon is looking for a diverse selection of larps, in as many different styles and genres as we can find! But we're not just looking for established authors — we also encourage authors who are new to Intercon or new to larp writing. Whether it's a new game or one that's been run before, we're interested in what you have to propose.

We're also looking for a varied and interesting set of content for Forum@Intercon, our track of discussions, presentations, panels, and workshops.

Please fill out the proposal form with as much information as possible. This is the best way to help us evaluate your proposal quickly!

Proposal Deadlines

Intercon solicits and reviews proposals for events all through the year. That said, there are some reasons to get your proposal in as early as possible:

  • Events are scheduled in the order that they're submitted, so submitting earlier means you're more likely to get the time slot and space you want.
  • Your event gets more publicity by being on the site before registration opens.
Space Limitations for Small Larps

Smaller larps (less than 10 players) will be accepted on a conditional basis due to space limitations during Friday night, Saturday daytime and Saturday night time slots. Midnight, Sunday, and earlier in the con will be easier to schedule for small games. Also, if you are willing to run your small game in part of a larger space alongside a second game, please indicate on your form.