Proposing an Event for Intercon S

Intercon is the premiere Live Action Role Playing convention in the world. We've gotten this way by seeking out a diverse selection of LARPs, in as many different styles and genres as we can find. Ask ten LARPers what LARP is about and you'll get thirteen different answers. We're trying to find interesting games that satisfy as many of those possibilities as we can. We encourage new authors to propose games as much as we recruit experienced authors. We also encourage authors who've never run at an Intercon before to propose. Whether it's a new game or one that's been run before, we're interested in what you have to propose.

Proposal Deadlines

Intercon solicits proposals for larps all through the year. It's our goal to have a great schedule of events up as early as possible!

Larps with smaller numbers (less than 10 players) will be accepted on a conditional basis due to space limitations during Friday night, Saturday daytime and Saturday night time slots. Midnight, Sunday, and earlier in the con will be easier to schedule for small games. Also, if you are willing to run your small game in part of a larger space alongside a second game, please indicate on your form.

Larp proposals will be evaluated in a timely manner. Larps can still be submitted at any time, although we may have limited space remaining after the new year. Please contact the proposal chair if you have any questions.

Intercon S actively solicits proposals in the months leading up to the convention.

Please fill out the proposal form with as much information as possible. This is the best way to help us evaluate your proposal quickly!

If you have any questions, please contact our Game Proposals Chair, Philip Kelley.

Why Propose Early?

There are several great reasons to get your game proposal in early:

  • You're likelier to get the time slot you desire. As the schedule fills, the prime time slots fill up.
  • Your game gets more publicity and advertising. It's likelier to fill earlier, which will give you more time to cast and plan.
  • You get a better chance at attracting the players who know that it's smart to sign up early for games.
  • You might miss your chance to propose your game at all if you wait. There are many GMs who know how much fun it is to run a game at Intercon S!