Staff Role Descriptions

Individual Roles


  • Oversees all aspects of the convention
  • Is part of the post-incident response team
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities

Proposal Chair

  • Runs the proposal committee
  • First point of contact for GMs proposing to run games at the convention
  • Works with Game submitters to fix obvious issues, missing fields, etc, before the proposal goes to the committee
  • Works with Game submitters to fix deeper issues as advised by the Proposal Committee
  • Advises the Con Chair of the feedback from the Proposal Committee
  • Informs GMs that their game has been accepted, and they're being handed off to the GM coordinator. Also informs GMs if their game has been rejected.
  • Is on the Scheduling Team

GM Coordinator

  • Is the point of contact between GMs of accepted games and the convention
  • Shares information and answers questions about convention policy and procedures with the GMs
  • Sends out the link to the furniture request system, and works with GMs to get their data entered there.
  • Is on the Scheduling Team

Operations Coordinator

  • Runs the at-the-con operations desk
  • Runs at-the-con check in / registration
  • Orders shirts, badges, patches, before the convention
  • Orders convention programs
  • Purchases consumables for the convention
  • Inventories Intercon/NEIL owned items
  • Arranges transport for the NEIL-owned items between the storage unit and the con.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - running at-the-con activities

Safety Coordinator

  • Oversees the Safety team, selects members, arranges for training
  • Is part of the post-incident response team.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - coordinating the safety team

Hotel Liaison

  • Manages the relationship with the hotel, signs the contract, etc.
  • Colates the GM furniture requests and works with the hotel to arrange the needed items
  • Communicates with the hotel to arrange food service
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities - being available for hotel issues

Panel Coordinator

  • Puts together the schedule of panels and panelists for the con
  • Works with the Hotel Liaison to arranges for panels to have items they need
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities - coordinating panels

Attendee Coordinator

  • Is the point of contact between attendees of the convention and the convention staff
  • Answers inbound questions from attendees, or hands them off to the correct staffer

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits volunteers for at-the-con positions
  • Works with Artwork to design and purchase volunteer thank you items

Vendor Liaison

  • Finds and arranges vendors for the convention
  • Collects vendor fees for space and games.
  • Designs the layout of the vendor area
  • Handles vendor questions before the convention.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - directing vendors, answering questions


  • Handles registrations and issues with them
  • Handles refund and rollover requests


  • Handles money for the convention
  • Has access to the bank account and the Paypal account
  • Processes reimbursements for items purchased by other convention staff
  • Pays deposits, etc, to the hotel

Booklet / Advertisement

  • Designs and lays out the convention program book


  • Promotes the convention outside of the existing community
  • This role is not always a specific person


  • Puts together newsletters from input from other members of Intercon staff
  • Passes off inbound questions to the appropriate staffer


  • Designs the artwork for the convention: website, badges, patches, other items.
  • Works with Booklet on design/layout from an art perspective

Hospitality / Party Coordinator

  • Arranges the Friday night party
  • Arranges the Saturday night dance
  • Is the point of contact for people who want to run parties/meetups/etc in convention spaces
  • Works with the Scheduling team to schedule parties/meetups/etc and add them to the schedule
  • May have at-con responsibilities to run parties

Iron GM Coordinator

  • Recruits Writing Teams and Readers for the Iron GM competition
  • Arranges for the writing weekend
  • Picks themes for the Iron GM competition
  • Runs the game judging, and announces the winners

Raffle Coordinator

  • Reaches out to various people in advance of the convention to solicit raffle items
  • tracks donations, ensures they arrive at Ops and are properly labeled
  • Works with Advertising to track ads for the booklet
  • Coordinates with con chair to arrange membership exchanges with other cons

Plugs Coordinator

  • Collects shameless plugs for the raffle plugs
  • Runs the plugs, manages the clock, etc.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - running plugs

Group Roles

Proposal Committee

  • Gives feedback on each proposed proposal, helping set up the GMs to make their event as successful as possible
  • Does not reach out to the submitting GMs, except if asked to by the Proposal Chair.

Safety Staff

  • Reports up to the Safety Coordinator
  • Provides at-large safety response for the convention.
  • Has at-con responsibilities

Website Team

  • Dev side - Responsible for developing and maintaining the website
  • Ops side - Responsible for running the website and maintaining the email aliases

Operations Volunteers

  • Helps out the Operations lead before or during the convention
  • Reports up to the Operations lead
  • Before - helps with item transport, ordering, etc
  • During - staffs the Ops desk and helps with check in, answers questions, and escalates issues appropriately
  • Has at-con responsibilities