Social Events at Intercon

Intercon is more than just larps. We also have a number of social events where you can meet and mingle with your fellow players and GMs. If you want to talk to us about hosting a new event, fill out the request form

Annual Social Events

Friday Night Party

After most games wrap up on Friday night, we host a social event in function space, near the con suite. The theme of this event changes every year, and has not yet been chosen for Intercon S.

Saturday night dance

Every year on Saturday around midnight, we have a dance in Tiverton.

Raffle and Plugs

On Sunday, in the early afternoon, gather with us for the annual Raffle and Plugs. We'll be running the raffle itself, and giving out lots of wonderful prizes, and, if you have an larp event or item to plug, come talk to us about it. There will be a signup sheet at ops if you want to make a plug.

Other Social Events

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