Staff Role Descriptions

Individual Roles


  • Oversees all aspects of the convention
  • Is part of the post-incident response team
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities

Proposal Chair

  • Runs the proposal committee
  • First point of contact for GMs proposing to run games at the convention
  • Works with Game submitters to fix obvious issues, missing fields, etc, before the proposal goes to the committee
  • Works with Game submitters to fix deeper issues as advised by the Proposal Committee
  • Advises the Con Chair of the feedback from the Proposal Committee
  • Informs GMs that their game has been accepted, and they're being handed off to the GM coordinator. Also informs GMs if their game has been rejected.
  • Is on the Scheduling Team

GM Coordinator

  • Is the point of contact between GMs of accepted games and the convention
  • Shares information and answers questions about convention policy and procedures with the GMs
  • Sends out the link to the furniture request system, and works with GMs to get their data entered there.
  • Is on the Scheduling Team

Operations Coordinator

  • Runs the at-the-con operations desk
  • Runs at-the-con check in / registration
  • Orders shirts, badges, patches, before the convention
  • Orders convention programs
  • Purchases consumables for the convention
  • Inventories Intercon/NEIL owned items
  • Arranges transport for the NEIL-owned items between the storage unit and the con.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - running at-the-con activities

Safety Coordinator

  • Oversees the Safety team, selects members, arranges for training
  • Is part of the post-incident response team.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - coordinating the safety team

Hotel Liaison

  • Manages the relationship with the hotel, signs the contract, etc.
  • Colates the GM furniture requests and works with the hotel to arrange the needed items
  • Communicates with the hotel to arrange food service
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities - being available for hotel issues

Panel Coordinator

  • Puts together the schedule of panels and panelists for the con
  • Works with the Hotel Liaison to arranges for panels to have items they need
  • Is on the Scheduling team
  • Has at-con responsibilities - coordinating panels

Attendee Coordinator

  • Is the point of contact between attendees of the convention and the convention staff
  • Answers inbound questions from attendees, or hands them off to the correct staffer

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits volunteers for at-the-con positions
  • Works with Artwork to design and purchase volunteer thank you items

Vendor Liaison

  • Finds and arranges vendors for the convention
  • Collects vendor fees for space and games.
  • Designs the layout of the vendor area
  • Handles vendor questions before the convention.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - directing vendors, answering questions


  • Handles registrations and issues with them
  • Handles refund and rollover requests


  • Handles money for the convention
  • Has access to the bank account and the Paypal account
  • Processes reimbursements for items purchased by other convention staff
  • Pays deposits, etc, to the hotel

Booklet / Advertisement

  • Designs and lays out the convention program book


  • Promotes the convention outside of the existing community
  • This role is not always a specific person


  • Puts together newsletters from input from other members of Intercon staff
  • Passes off inbound questions to the appropriate staffer


  • Designs the artwork for the convention: website, badges, patches, other items.
  • Works with Booklet on design/layout from an art perspective

Hospitality / Party Coordinator

  • Arranges the Friday night party
  • Arranges the Saturday night dance
  • Is the point of contact for people who want to run parties/meetups/etc in convention spaces
  • Works with the Scheduling team to schedule parties/meetups/etc and add them to the schedule
  • May have at-con responsibilities to run parties

Iron GM Coordinator

  • Recruits Writing Teams and Readers for the Iron GM competition
  • Arranges for the writing weekend
  • Picks themes for the Iron GM competition
  • Runs the game judging, and announces the winners

Raffle Coordinator

  • Reaches out to various people in advance of the convention to solicit raffle items
  • tracks donations, ensures they arrive at Ops and are properly labeled
  • Works with Advertising to track ads for the booklet
  • Coordinates with con chair to arrange membership exchanges with other cons

Plugs Coordinator

  • Collects shameless plugs for the raffle plugs
  • Runs the plugs, manages the clock, etc.
  • Has at-con responsibilities - running plugs

Group Roles

Proposal Committee

  • Gives feedback on each proposed proposal, helping set up the GMs to make their event as successful as possible
  • Does not reach out to the submitting GMs, except if asked to by the Proposal Chair.

Safety Team

  • Reports up to the Safety Coordinator
  • Provides at-large safety response for the convention.
  • Has at-con responsibilities
  • Some safety team member may be Mandated Reporters in their day to day lives outside the con. Under certain circumstances, they may be legally required to communicate with agencies outside of the convention. We will clearly indicate this on the Convention Contacts page.

Website Team

  • Dev side - Responsible for developing and maintaining the website
  • Ops side - Responsible for running the website and maintaining the email aliases

Operations Volunteers

  • Helps out the Operations lead before or during the convention
  • Reports up to the Operations lead
  • Before - helps with item transport, ordering, etc
  • During - staffs the Ops desk and helps with check in, answers questions, and escalates issues appropriately
  • Has at-con responsibilities